Self check-in (Kiosk)

Check-in at an airport kiosk

EVA Air provides self check-in service at many airports, you can enjoy the convenience of obtaining your boarding passes or baggage tags from airport check-in kiosk.

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Self Check-in Service
  • Applicable airports: 
    • Airport check-in kiosk without bag tags printing service: Taipei Song Shan Airport, Taichung Airport, Kaohsiung Airport, Bangkok Airport, Hong Kong Airport, Amsterdam Airport, Los Angeles Airport and Tokyo Haneda Airport.
    • Airport check-in kiosk with bag tags printing service: Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Terminal 2, Tokyo Narita Airport, London Heathrow Airport and Kansai Airport. 
  • Hours of operation: Check-in closes 60 minutes before flight scheduled departure (The actual operation hours may differ according to the kiosk specification of each airport.) 
  • Advantages of this service: 
    • You don’t have to stand in line at a check-in counter. Touch screens and step-by-step instructions allow you to quickly complete check-in formalities. 
    • You may choose an available seat using the seat map. 
    • Boarding passes and bag tags are printed as you wait. 
    • Service is available in following languages: traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, English, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, Korean, French and German. 
  • Ineligible passengers: 
    • Passengers whose reservation has not been confirmed.
    • Passengers who have no an electronic ticket.
    • Passengers requiring special assistance. 
    • Passengers with an infant under 2 years of age.
Steps for kiosk check-in

Step 1: Select ‘EVA Airways’ on the home screen.

Step 2: Confirm the following items cannot be brought onboard.

Step 3: Select your preferred method to search your reservation. Please be noticed that passengers in the same booking reference can check-in together, otherwise, please check-in separately.

  • Passport: Only applicable if your passport was registered to your reservation information in advance. Please select other methods if fail using passport to search. (In order to enhance your experience, you can provide passport information whiling booking)
  • Six-character EVA Air booking reference number with combing number and alphabet.
  • 13-digit eTicket number.
  • Infinity MileageLands Card: You can choose (1) input your Infinity MileageLands membership number, (2) insert your membership card, or (3) scan membership QR code. Only allow EVA Infinity MileageLands Card.

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Step 4: Select the figure of check-in passengers.

Step 5: Once your booking has been retrieved, place your passport, photo page face down, on the reader.

Step 6: Input the requested data corresponding in the way you selected in step 3

Step 7: If you would like to register your mileage, tap the “UPDATE” button.

Step 8: If you would like to change your seat selection, tap the "CHANGE SEAT" button.

Step 9: Select the passenger who would like to check-in baggage.

(Note:Service available at airport with self-tagging function.)

Step 10: Select the number of bags you’re checking in for each passenger. If you have more than two bags, please contact EVA Air counter.

(Note:Service available at airport with self-tagging function.)

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Step 11: Collect your baggage tags. 

(Note:Service available at airport with self-tagging function.)

Step 12: Collect your boarding passes and lounge invitation card.

Step 13: Check-in complete! Please check the information and head for boarding gate earlier for further document check.

How to Tag Bag

Step 1: Tear off the receipt sticker on bag tag and keep it intact.

Step 2: Pass through the handle of baggage.

Step 3: Stick the ends of the tag together.

Step 4: Stick one of the three sections stickers on your baggage.

Automated check in

We want to save your valuable time enjoying more relaxed travel, with our automated check-in (ACI), you can print out your boarding pass or check-in confirmation 12 hours before your flight departs by clicking URL in email or logging in EVA Air Global Website and EVA Air Mobile Website (Manage Your Trip).

Conditions of Automated Check-in

ACI can be conveniently provided to you if 

  • You travel on EVA Air or UNI Air international flights (Code shared flights not operated by EVA Air or UNI Air are not eligible); However, it's currently NOT applicable for flights departing from Tokyo(Narita),London, Los Angeles and Amsterdam. ⦁ It's the return journey with your travel document scanned by the passport reader.
  • Seat selection is reserved. 
  • No special service (e.g. Unaccompanied Minor..etc) is requested. 
  • Confirmed booking with electronic ticket. 

For more information, please refer to EVA Airways Website FAQ.

Hello Kitty Check-in Kiosk

EVA Air has installed dedicated Hello Kitty kiosks at Taoyaun International Airport Terminal 2, alongside check-in counter 16. These specially designed kiosks are part of the Hello Kitty experience and can be used by passengers waiting to board one of EVA Air’s new Hello Kitty jets.

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  • Hello Kitty Kiosks are available exclusively to : 

Passengers departing from Taoyuan International Airport Terminal 2 on Hello Kitty Jet flight routes. These flight route details can be found on the Hello Kitty Jet website(Open in new window). 

  • Hours of operation

You can check in at a kiosk from 05:00am until one hour before scheduled departure.

  • Using a kiosk provides the following advantages:
    • You don’t have to stand inline at a check-in counter. Touch screens and step-by-step instructions allow you to quickly complete check-in formalities. 
    • You may choose an available seat using the aircraft seating plan. 
    • Boarding passes are printed as you wait. 
    • Service is available in four languages: traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, English, and Japanese.
  • Choose one of the following options to begin your check-in: 
    • Booking Code: Use your booking reference number.
    • Flight Number or Destination: Enter your flight number or destination. 
    • Infinity MileageLands Card: Enter your Infinity MileageLands membership number or insert your membership card. 
    • Already Checked in Online: If you have completed online check-in , you can use the printed confirmation slip to check in.